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Navi as Michael Jackson King of Pop

Navi as Michael Jackson King of Pop


The WORLDS No1 Michael Jackson tribute NAVI and his dancers are LIVE with us, He is sensational the closest thing you will ever see to the Legend of Michael Jackson. Navi is universally recognised as the World’s No. 1 Michael Jackson impersonator. Even though many tributes have claimed to be the best, no other impersonator has come close to achieving what Navi has. Ultimately, Navi was ‘Chosen By Michael’ as he is the ONLY MJ impersonator to have been called up to work for Michael Jackson over a period of 17 years (1992-2009). Navi was used in promotion of albums and concerts as well as a decoy for Michael Jackson. He is also the ONLY impersonator to have been given a standing ovation by Michael Jackson himself.

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